Three factors contributed to the inception of Caffeine and Company. A need, a Mary and a Meghan.

There was a hole in this market in Amherstburg; nowhere to go and hangout in a casual atmosphere. One that would tolerate a three to four hour study session, a five minute coffee break and everything in between. A place you feel comfortable enjoying all alone or with a party of ten.

If I had to describe Caffeine and Company in one word it would be dynamic. Just like the owners. They come with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Where one falls short the other picks up. That’s the dynamic that makes Caffeine and Co. work!! That’s the dynamic that makes everyone feel comfortable here. That’s the dynamic that makes everyone belong. That is also the dynamic that demands of its employees the diversity and strength to handle such a fast paced, constantly changing environment while at the very same time demands the consistency and reliability to maintain the environment its customers come to know and enjoy.

We are all creatures of habit. We like what we like. We got this!

Marianella Pacanins Hearn comes with the passion for food.

Meghan Boschin comes with the passion and experience for the business.

Together they created Caffeine and Company. Everyday they are learning more about their business, the people involved and themselves. That is the nature of life. They wanted to create a beautiful atmosphere where people could come to forget for a little while about the life that is going on outside of their doors.

Marianella is from Venezuela and she brings her own unique take on food and its presentation from years of traveling and experiencing these things in other parts of the world. Meghan is Canadian, born and raised within Ontario, and has an understanding of what this part of the world can tolerate and support within innovation.

Each partner has a deep respect for the strengths of the other and daily they both strive to create the best experience possible for their customers, staff and ultimately themselves. It is this dynamic that makes Caffeine and Company so special on every level.

When you walk into Caffeine and Company, your senses are ignited on every level. You have just stepped into the minds of the owners. Every last detail is accounted for and carefully executed throughout the space.

Come and experience our world.